I became aware that the most life-altering events are ultimately the day-to-day usuals done right. A well maintained ritual can go a long way, so is a mutually meaningful way to connect. I’m not a ceremic artist and can’t put a price on such intimate creation. So, let’s exchange, anything goes.

001. Made on 22 Sep 2018. 
Exchanged with Benjamin for a piece of art. 

What is permanent? A piece of art, or forgiveness.

002. Made in Nov 2018.


Release it, release your ownership over something – it’s no longer yours.


003. Made in Nov 2018.
Exchanged with Reira.

Emotions are offshoots of action tendency.

004. Made in Dec 2018.


The body characterize everything it touches.
Specific can be its own reward.

005. Made in Jan 2019.
Gifted to Dad.

Understanding triumphs dispute.

How this works is that you pick a piece you like and message me  to discuss the logistics for an exchange. Choose something you have to trade, from a message to an object, anything goes. If you have nothing to offer but want one of these pieces, let me know. 

Paprika Xu, Chinese creative living and working in Sydney.

This is inspired by Stanislava Pinchuk as well as my growing appreciation for pottery. Connection seeking aside, I see voluntary adoption of Sharing Economy and Degrowth as a timely radical act. If you are working in/with education, energy, or alt-economy, I’d love to chat.

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